• Spanish in Santiago

    Our goal, as teachers, is to optimize the students' learning experience. The Spanish courses we teach will help you start or continue your goal in speaking Spanish easily and effectively.

    Our school has 25 years of experience teaching Spanish and is certified in E.L.E [Spanish as a Foreign Language], while using the methodology according to the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference" CEFR.
    The School is located in the famous Bellavista district, a vibrant, artistic and gastronomic neighborhood. Amidst numerous restaurants, theaters, pubs, art galleries, shops, event centers and much more you will have plenty to discovered.

  • Spanish in Pucón

    We are dedicated to teach Spanish to travellers. You are planning to travel to South America, or you are already on the road? Pucon is a perfect place for a longer stay : having a great time, astonishing outdoor activities together with learning Spanish.

    Are you looking for a school to learn Spanish? Learn Spanish where the fun is, in contact with the people and nature. Pucon is the ideal place in Southern Chile for a longer stay: Situated on he beach of Lake Villarrica, at the foothills of the Villarrica Volcano, surrounded by astonishing nature.

  • Spanish in Viña del Mar

    The School is located in downtown Viña del Mar next to the Quinta Vergara, an old residence that has been converted into a museum and garden and is now home to Viña's famous International Music Festival. Our teachers are qualified

    professionals who have been educated in the area of Spanish language teaching to foreign students. In addition, we have comfortable classrooms, one of which is complete with an audio-visual system. We also have a computer lab with free Internet access and email account.


Spanish Courses

Spanish courses

All our Spanish courses provide a good general knowledge of the Spaneish language and last for a minimum of one week. They are designed for students who want to learn Spanish quickly and effectively, and also to get to know the Chilean culture.


accommodation in Chile

We have accommodation that suits your travel needs, you can choose from a Chilean family, hotels, boarding houses and apart-hotels in Chile, we are constantly worried that our clients feel comfortable in a place.


Excursions in Chile

From Monday to Friday our profesional guides can be found in School - Chile explaining the activities of the current weekend and giving advice as well as precise information in the case that someone would want to travel alone.

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